Having been born into a large Italian family Linda would be inspired by every member of her family and attributes this colorful existence to shaping her creative imagination. Linda remembers from the very beginning “Home is Where the Heart is”. Her fondest memories were helping her grandmother in her garden. She marveled at grapes growing wild spanning the roof of the house and then later enjoyed watching the making of home made wine. Linda was also fascinated with the 30 foot long wall of Roses that sprawled on vines and perfumed the yard every spring. The Rose would be a lifetime tribute and her trademark. Grandma was also a seamstress who helped Linda tailor her first design at age eight, a denim bikini with matching wrap mini skirt.

It was inevitable Linda’s love of Architecture would mostly be influenced by her father who was a Builder of Custom Homes, Commercial, and Residential Properties. She recalls having engineered a drafting table for her father to build so she may use to sketch out her ideas. Her interest in Photography ignited when her uncle encouraged her to take up the art form by giving his camera and basic darkroom equipment to her at 15. Later, Linda pursued studies in Fine Art and received certificates in Photography and Tailoring. She earned a living taking on creative positions as Visual Merchandiser and window dresser for women’s specialty shops. Among other opportunities taken, as she continued her educational, she woked as Photo Stylist in both women’s Fashion and Home Interiors, and Seamstress of theatrical costumes. Finally, after graduating from F.I.T. her career path took shape. She moved to work on 7th Avenues Fashion District and became Design Assistant / Technical Designer and eventually designed her own line of Women’s Dresses and Suits.

It was not until after she moved to Florida and discovered the Digital darkroom she would yet take another turn in the road. Linda infused her talents and passions, which included being in the great outdoors, nature, travel, home and garden, and fell into what would become very natural to her. One of the best part of what she does today, Photographing exclusive properties and the finest homes in Florida, she also delights in exploring Florida’s vast territories “off the beaten track” and capturing the essence of Historic Towns and Gardens.

For Linda, Photography, Fashion, Home and Life in general are all one and the same; “it’s all about individual style and most import keeping it simple”. What defines Linda? The constant curiosity about the nature of things, to learn, grow and stay young in the process and the endless efforts to beautify her world, and preserve it.


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